IQStack - Add IQ back to your stack.

OpenStack & Google Cloud Platform

Amazon, Azure, Google and OpenStack are all GREAT Cloud Infrastructures. Each with their own pros/cons depending on the use-case. We currently develop on all four platforms but our primary focus is on OpenStack and the Google Cloud Platform. We help firms migrate from other platforms to OpenStack/Google or reduce risk by using different platforms and distribute loads between them.

Android & iOS

We have products on our own and products we have built for others on both platforms. Both are GREAT but each one have unique features not found on the other. Our goal is to always take advantage of these unique features to deliver incredible user experiences.


We have been exposed to many different types of organizations and have seen some unique architectures. This experience has helped us design and build powerful CDNs and Cloud Platforms in addition to delivering a great UX experience on all screens. We also aid organizations in Risk Mitigation by reviewing Architectures and Platforms.